Hello, I'm arabot, an intelligent chatbot, Arabic is my mother language and I'm fluent in English as well, I'm willing to learn new different skills in no time. I'm part of a comprehensive platform includes :

Arabic NLP

Dialogue Management

Machine Learning

Intent Parsing

arabot technology & A.I. system stands out as the pioneer powerful platform of it kinds by providing a intelligent Arabic bot built upon a state of the art Arabic NLP engine, which deals with understanding and analyzing Arabic content & conversation - with different Arabic dialects-  in an accurate and efficient way. We are building a conversation/dialogue management as a hybrid rule based system fused with Deep Machine Learning to reach needed levels of Natural Language Understanding (NLU).

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Easy Deployment

Can be easliy deploy and integrate with your company different online channles and enterprise platforms

Mobile Applications
Business Apps
Contact Center Platform
Messeging Platform


arabot delivers a 24/7, always-on, One-to-One, personalized customer experince, improving engagement while tremendously reduce company operational costs

Always On

24/7 Always same great experince


One-2-One targeted Offers with Real time Recommendations

Task Automation

Improve efficiency with automation of daily tasks & processes


Instance reply, Serve and Care within millisecond

No Download

No More application download, No registration

Simple & Accessible

As simple as sending a text message!

Use Cases


Khaled : hi,i want to book a driving test for Car BMX 2017
AutoBot : Hello Mr. Khaled, Could you please share your location? and select best time for test drive?
Khaled : 7th circle, qattan St. Saturday at 11.00 am please
AutoBot : Thank you, Booked, Our spacialiest will call you within 30 sec.


كريم : ممكن اعرف اذا في عندي بالبيت بتوصل خدمة تغطية انترنت فايبر
مزود الخدمة : الرجاء مشاركة موقعك ؟
كريم : اكيد هاي شيرت الموقع
مزود الخدمة : نعم متوفرة بسرعة تصل الى 200 ميجابت


مسافر : عمان - دبي - عمان اول يوم اثنين في شهر ديسمبر لو سمحت
الخطوط الجوية : درجة سياحية او درجة اولى
مسافر : اولى
الخطوط الجوية : افضل سعر في تاريخ 5-12-2016 هو 350 دينار،هل ترغب بالحجز؟

arabot team

abdallah faza

Co-Founder & CEO

“Barmajeyat.com, Co-Founder TheShift.me, Co-Founder, Worked @Zain ISP, General Manager 18+ Years”

Abdallah Faza Linkedin CEO

kais hassan

Co-Founder, CTO/CDO

“PhD in AI, UK Ddad IT, Co-Founder Worked @altibbi, CDO Assistant Professor @ PSUT 12+ Years”

Kais Hassan Linkedin CTO/CDO

Abdelrahman Hasan

Senior Data Scientist

“Senior Data Scientist, experienced & certified Java Developer, Worked @ Altibbi, Abu-Ghazaleh& Co.Consulting”

Abdelrahman Hasan Linkedin Senior Data Scientist

Lana AL Kayyali

Data Scientist

“Specialized in NLP, MSc in Computer Science, Ontario, Canada”

Lana AL Kayyali Data Scientist

Abdullah Abu Sham

Front-end Web Developer

“An experienced web developer specialized in developing material design components”

Abdullah Abu Sham Linkedin Front-end Web Developer

Basel Ariqat

Data Scientist

“Data Scientist worked @Blue Kangaroo , Bsc in Computer Science, PSUT”

Basel Ariqat Linkedin Data Scientist

AbuBakr Baras

Data Scientist

“Specialized in ANLP, MSc in Computer Information Systems, Jordan University”

AbuBakr Baras Linkedin Data Scientist

Aya Kilani

Software Engineer

“Java developer, Bsc in Computer Information Systems, Jordan University”

Aya Kilani Linkedin Software Engineer

All in One

Advertive, Sell, Support & Care Platform, based on our own advanced search & recomendation algorithms that driven from customer's real time actions, history and behaviour

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